Small organic food farm land sales property investment guided by arguably the  most committed real estate development company  in Vanuatu.

Ethical and community development supportive property investment in the South Pacifc islands of Vanuatu. Buy affordable parcels of land on a paradise island of Vanuatu with the help of South Pacific Plantations Management Limited, farm development company in Vanuatu.

Buy Affordably priced 1 acre Farmlets only US$50,000

Affordable small farm-managed passive property investment in Vanuatu.
(4000 sqm or 43,560 sq feet )

(Only a few left! Don’t miss this Pacific Island land buying opportunity)

Benefits of pawpaw papaya.

Where is the best place in the world to buy land for growing tropical fruit?


Answer: Buy affordable land on a tropical island paradise in the South Pacific. Invest in a 1-acre Paw Paw/Papaya Plantation – Reap the rewards and support local Vanuatu farmworkers and care for the environment.


Vanuatu is just over 2 hours air freight flight time to Australia, 3.5 hours to New Zealand, 7 to 8.5 hours to Asia

Vanuatu Property Investment in ORGANIC food production

Eaten world wide for breakfast lunch and dinner as a health food. Sold retail in Australasia from A$4.99 to $12 a kilo. Fast growing pawpaw trees for quick investment profits.

Each red papaya tree can produce in excess of 80 kilos a season

Projected ANNUAL return on investment –

US$6,000 to $12,000 per annum.


Please note! Subject to fluctuation from weather and market conditions. Trees can produce 40-110 pieces of fruit per season.

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Workforce is ready and eager

Decision makers are profit makers

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(Government charges, stamp duty, registration fee and VAT tax in Fiat)

Richard Butler with DPM of Vanuatu 1242019

Prime Minister of Vanuatu Loughman with Richard Butler

Statement by Prime Minister Loughman in a public letter dated March 16, 2022 in support of a crypto project:

“As a developing nation, Vanuatu is looking for new ways to attract investment and people to our country.  With the difficulties that the world has faced due to COVID-19, which has severely affected the tourism sector, Vanuatu looks for innovative solutions to help grow our economy.

Land development agreement available for all Vanuatu land buyers

International ex-farm-gate prices (cost to importer buyer) projected to range from US$1.00 to $1.75/kg



This Vanuatu land investment can provide eligilibilty for PERMANENT RESIDENCY application (T.A.P.) which gives the legal right to live in Vanuatu.  In our fast-changing world (and not necessarily for the better) a second welcoming place to live is becoming an essential part of your family insurance, commonly known as a “Plan B.”

This is something our real estate company in Vanuatu can assist with: we have all the paperwork in hand and can do the whole thing for you if you choose.  Please ask about it.   Telephone number +61 417 007 792


Property investment Vanuatu,

Two factors indicate good continued strong demand for agricultural land:


These are strong balance sheets among farmers in a number of regions, encouraging expansion, as well appetite for agricultural land buying among investors, keen for both capital and operational return and also as a mechanism for portfolio diversification.


“Corporate interest in agricultural land has also increased, adding competition for farmland purchases,” “A rise in operational return for farms and growth in the capital appreciation of agricultural land has sparked an increase in local and global investor market entry. Investors value that the capital return of agricultural land that is not volatile and generally not correlated with a range of other investments.”



Invest in Food Production (Everybody eats!)

Title to Vanuatu land is in your or your company name.

Land can be sold or transferred as a gift

Passive property investment

Management agreement for production and sale of crop

Short growing time to maturity, fast return

Papaya has high demand: fresh fruit, dried, seed oil, extract.

1-acre managed farmlet land price in Vanuatu US$50,000 each

High return on farm land investment

Vanuatu has no income tax – private or corporate

Vanuatu has no capital gains tax

No capital controls (move profits anywhere)

Ethical product. Non GM,

Ethical investment benefits locals

Investment provides eligibility for Vanuatu Permanent Residency application, which we can assist with.